Finance Management:

Financial objective includes financial objective and investment objective. Companies aim to make investments that may provide the highest return with appropriate capital structure and cost (financing) as soon as possible financially.

Basic financial objectives of the companies can be classified as monetary and non-monetary objectives. The matter guiding the financial manager for making finance decisions is in the answer of question about where funds required for investment shall be provided.

In the finance science, the most fundamental objective of the financial manager is to maximize market value of the company. This is an understanding including the maximization of profit as well. Such manager should dominate financial analysis and control, financial planning, current and fixed asset management, capital structure management, profit share distribution, fund resources finding and policies formation activities in a modern firm generally.

Functions of finance management include transfer of appropriate capital resources basically to the investors rationally by supplying them. Therefore, finance management includes two main management fields as financing and investment. Other management elements, which can be stated as extension of such two functions, are about profit distribution policy of the enterprise and risk management on the other hand.

Financial Planning:

Financial planning is a transaction ensuring to describe all fund inputs and outputs which shall emerge during activity period of the companies in terms of their maturities in compliance with the targets.

Basic objective of the financial planning is to protect general financing balance by ensuring time compliance between fund inputs and outputs. Function of the financial planning is not only making plan and budget. Planning is ensured by taking necessary precautions in time by analyzing the deviations as a result of control process.

Finance Consultancy:

It is a consultancy formed in order to eliminate payment and planning failures in the finance department of the companies. Our company provides service about finance management and planning. Collection problems are some of the problems solved in the companies in this manner as well.

In order that resources may be used regularly and without any problem in the consultancy service which we have provided to the companies, good relations should be established with financial institutions and credit limits should be always made available.


As we know, risk is the possibility of not realizing future expectations. In the event that it is failed to describe factors for explaining an expectation completely or to measure effects completely, it is proceeded to the estimation under risky conditions.

Enterprises encounter very different risks in the daily life. Such risks may be inspected in 3 subjects as follows: property risks, payment risks, and price risks.

Risk management service can be defined as describing and evaluating the risks, which can emerge during functions of enterprises, in advance, carefully and in a detailed manner, and taking precautions to minimize such risks or to eliminate effect of risks. Methods for transferring risk can be considered as diversification, insurance and hedging against risk. While our company provides risk management service, it pays attention to these matters and it provides information about elimination or minimization of risk by determining risk factors in the enterprises in advance.

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