Human resources management (HRM) is all of functions and studies ensuring efficient management of human resources in any organization so as to be useful for individual and environment and in a way that does not contradict to laws of located place. Also, management branch which interests both academic environment and also, business world is also called as Human Resources Management.

Human resources management has two basic purposes as follows:

1. Increasing efficiency

2. Providing competitive advantage by increasing the quality of business life

Human resources management ensures to obtain positive developments on both employee engagement and efficiency, also quality of business life by using miscellaneous criterions concerning work force. Furthermore, human resources management aims at increasing employee satisfaction and efficiency through performance and rewarding systems.

Aura Invest Group’s Human Resources Modules are as follows:

  1. Establishing Competency Model and describing the competencies

  2. Establishing Selection and Placement System

  3. Establishing Performance Evaluation System

  4. Establishing Remuneration and Career Planning System

  5. Establishing Training and Career Planning System

  6. Passing Human Resources Modules into the electronic media

  7. Establishing Reporting System

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