While offering the investment consultancy service, our objective is to make evaluations in accordance with risk preferences and to offer the best alternatives to our investors. In this subject, it is important to recognize the investor closely, to make risk/return analysis correctly, and to provide the most appropriate investment strategies and alternatives for requirements of investor.

1. Individual Investment Consultancy:

Individual Investment Consultancy service is provided to the investors who require professional support by our company. “Investor-based” risk/return analysis is made in this service and investor is informed in consideration of market predictions. In order that purchase-sale decisions of investors are applied correctly by the investment consultants, it is important to recognize the investors more closely and to give correct answers for their personal requirements.

2. Corporate Investment Consultancy:

Our company recognizes the institutions closely and determines their financial requirements and develops investment alternatives in compliance with these requirements and thus, attempts to assist finance staffs of the institutions. Using domestic and foreign derivative products markets for financial requirements of the institutions are also under the scope of Corporate Investment Consultancy. It is possible to develop derivative products aiming to manage miscellaneous risks of the enterprises in their balance sheets.
Information about tax, legislation and legal matters is also provided under the scope of Investment Consultancy.


Management consultancy is a service including providing support in determining, researching the problems in the fields of business strategy, organizational structure, business making methods in private, public and other enterprises and making and applying appropriate recommendations by independent, well-informed and experience person or persons.
It includes analysis of main units (sales-marketing, R & D, human resources and production) in the companies and inspection and reorganization of especially sales-marketing and human resources sub-functions (advertising activities, performance management, employment and placement, training, marketing activities). However employees, who can be leader, are determined by making personality analyses of employees in the top executive stage of the companies, and roadmaps are drawn for these employees and then, managers who can be leader of company staff are selected.
Company analysis:

Aura Invest Group evaluates current status of the company firstly in the company analysis study and then, draws new possible arrangements and a roadmap for decreasing the losses and bringing revenue for the company.
As a result of the analysis, detailed information about methods which are the most correct to be applied for the company is provided. Company analysis is applied peculiar to the company.
Company analysis may be performed to all production and service sector firms whatever the problem is. “Company Analysis”, which can increase changes and opportunities to be created in the company, can be performed by each firm, which demands to see methods and rates of efficiency and profitability with a numeral and realizable table.

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